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The Elm Press was incorporated in 1966 and is a second-generation family owned business. The foundation of our business has been and continues to be a dedication to providing our customers with exceptional service. We take great pride in and value the relationships that we have formed with all of our clients. On every job, regardless of size, we strive to meet the quality, delivery, and pricing challenges presented to us. Doing so requires a firm understanding of our clients needs, a willingness to break paradigms, and often a selfless devotion to getting the job done.

For nearly six decades now, from design to distribution of the finished piece, we have stayed at the forefront of the industry.

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Success in today’s business climate requires client-vendor partnerships; partnerships built on some very simple business practices: listen, tell the truth, keep your promises, and be fair. At Elm we understand how important it is to work with someone who understands your needs, who cooperates with you to solve your problems – someone you can trust. In all successful partnerships there’s give and take, a balance that makes the whole stronger than the parts.

While our strategic focus is labeling and packaging, our unique business model allows us to offer much more. Our offerings as a general commercial printer remain in place along with our graphics services, large format printing and mailing services. The Elm Press, Inc. has the ability to meet any of your printing needs.

The changing nature of business communications dictates that printing vendors be faster, more flexible, more diverse and smarter than ever before. The Elm Press is all of these. We have the sophistication, products and services to compete at all levels and remain committed to providing excellent customer service and value.

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